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Mehmet Salih and Zhuhai World Wide Scientific (ZHBS56)

You are likely never to have heard of Zhuhai – located in the southwest of China’s Pearl River delta, Zhuhai is southern China’s best kept secret. Having just been a small fishing village in the 1970’s before being granted Special Economic Zone (SEZ) status, Zhuhai was incorporated as a city in 1979. Its growth since then has been remarkable – the quality of life as well as population size have shifted significantly in the past 30 years.


The fisher girl – symbol of Zhuhai


Short company introduction – Internship code ZHBS56

Zhuhai World Wide Scientific Co., Ltd. is specialised in R&D, manufacturing, marketing and technological service of intelligent environmentally friendly products. Based on the concept of “quality first, development through innovation”, it created the brand of “Huaxintong”and integrated the ideas of energy saving, environmental protection and intelligence into the design of its products. The company took the lead in launching intelligent environmentally friendly products in China such as the infrared intelligent sensor trash can, solar-powered intelligent trash compactor and intelligent trash cleaning robot. The solar intelligent trash compactor alone owns 12 national patents and the products have been highly praised since being launched.

You can find more relevant information about the company and their field of work at their web page:


The new building of the company, finished July, 2014

We were able to catch up with Mehmet before he returned to UK. here is what he had to share with us:

IC TEAM: Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where do you come from and which university did you graduate?

“My name’s Mehmet, I come from a city called Wolverhampton in England. And I’ve just recently graduated. Actually I came 2 days after my graduation. I finished DeMontford University, with which Internchina is official parthner and provider of graduate oportunities. I studied Business and Management “

IC TEAM:Doing this whole internship with InternChina, moving from the UK to China for 2 months. That’s quite a big decision, what was the reason you wanted to do that?

“Just coming to China was one of the reasons! But basically, having the experience from China, working in a multicultural office gave me great insight into business from an international perspective so it will make me stand a bit better against other graduates. It will stand out on my CV a lot more.”

IC TEAM:So thinking back to England, when you were there how did you learn about the whole process of applying? And how did that go?

“Oh it was from our university. They promoted it, there’s a huge scheme going on called #DMUglobal and they’re advertising all the different internships – which are mainly InternChina. So I applied through them and fortunately it was successful. And then I had the pre-departure meeting with Jamie.”

IC TEAM: Tell us a big about your company. Do you feel there are many skills that you’ve taken away from being here?

“My company was suggested to me, it’s Zhuhai Worldwide Scientific. They deal with waste disposal, such as sensor dustbins and also solar trash compactors. “

“Definitely, it’s been an experience. I’ve dealt with clients on the phone and through emails. I’ve also helped develop the company through market research of trade shows and exhibitions so hopefully that will help them to gain more customers in future and expand geographically – hopefully the business will grow in the future.”

Mehmet Salih

Mehmet during his interview at Zhuhai World Wide Scientific.

IC TEAM:Okay, so tell us a bit about your accommodation please, was it an apartment or a homestay?

“I was in an apartment. I lived on the 21st floor which was beautiful – the view there was perfect at night, you could see all over Gongbei, all over Zhuhai but you could also see over Macao. Below me was a Walmart and next to the Walmart was a row of Chinese restaurants so it was ideally located. There was a gym 5 minutes walk away too.”

IC TEAM: What were your favourite things about Zhuhai in general?

“The weather was one of them. Just in general China, the history, the traditions like the buildings, the culture – all that. It’s just fascinating and good to see, so I’m glad I experienced it.”

IC TEAM: So one of the last questions, for future interns what kind of things do you recommend? What advice can you give them?

“My advice would be, don’t think twice about it. Just do the internship and go to China. If you don’t do it then you’ll live to regret it. If you do come then learn a bit of Chinese beforehand, it will help you. But just do the internship, come to China it’s a great experience.”

Here is also a short video interview with Mehmet. Take a look and tell us what you think!


We had the chance to interview Mehmet’s direct superviser Mr. Liu Ring about his experience with Mehmet durring the internship:

IC TEAM: Which are your companie’s main clients?

“Our clients are mainly from China, we have a couple clients in places like South Africa too but we want to explore more customers overseas in the near future.”

IC TEAM: So what has Mehmet been doing during his internship?

“He has been improving the English version of our website, making our catalogue better and finding similar manufacturers and analysing them. He also has been emailing lots of potential customers in order to introduce our products, as well as searching for trade fairs that we can take part in. Also he has been performing background checks of any company EQs off our website. So, overall, he has mostly been doing research, customer development and translation work.”

IC TEAM: He is your first intern, so how have you found him overall?

“We found him very good to have here. He works very hard and always comes to me asking for more work. “

There are so much more happy interns here at our company! You can check for similar stories from people from all over the world!Check our blog and search through our special Featured Internships!

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Going abroad for work – understanding the reality.

Going abroad for a job has its challenges. It’s always a goodidea to be prepared in advance and to get as much information as possible. Morgan Dolan, with her experience of being manager of our Zhuhai office and knowing everything a person could know about the rough path for applying abroad, is in ideal position to share some tips for anyone considering going on this path.


“Even before I went to college, I knew I wanted to work abroad. As globalization becomes the norm, this sentiment seems to be shared by more and more young people. International business seems to be a popular major for this very reason.”

However launching a career abroad is not as easy as applying to a vacancy. This is because vacancies for positions abroad, whether a large company or small, are accompanied by realities that govern the hiring considerations. These are the realities of international mobility including visa constraints, costs etc. as well as the needs of a company. Understanding the situations from a company’s perspective will help you address them yourself and overcome rejection.

Companies hire to solve problems. The smaller the company, the more a problem really needs to ache before they cast a hiring net. Companies big and small who operate internationally invest a lot into their team. The extent that they will go through bureaucracy correlates to the visible benefit a potential hire has for them. Got your sights set on a particular job in another country? Help yourself avoid initial immediate rejection.

Research positions from the company perspective.

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Think about the larger company “why” that has led to looking for the role you want to fill.  The more you can tailor yourself as solving their problem the more attractive you will look. When in doubt about what a company’s biggest problem is, ask. If it not one that you believe you can solve (or contribute to a solution) keep hunting until you find one.

Be responsible to know your own paperwork.

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Research what your options are to immigrate and what documents are required for different visas. When you know specifically what steps a company needs to take to hire you or apply for a work visa on your behalf, you are in a better position to negotiate why you are the best choice in spite of any hurdles.

Consider doing an internship first.

images (1)

It is easier for a company to yes to an internship than to taking on a full time employee. It may also be easier for you to get the visa you need and see if you would actually want to stay in that country for long term. Treat an internship like a trial period where you show the company just how valuable you would be. At best, the company will be inspired to keep you and at worst, you have a great reference and have already started building your contacts in country.

Ultimately if you would like to launch a career abroad, it will be your responsibility to make it happen. Although initial rejection from international positions can discourage fresh graduates, perseverance and embracing the realities for companies abroad will help to start not just a career abroad but one that is tailored to you.

If you want to get more information about how to start your job search abroad visit our blog section. Our creative team has always some useful tips to share!

In the mean time share us your thoughts about the article? What are the biggest challenges of going for work abroad in your opinion?

Eating out in Zhuhai

Seafood Street in Zhuhai

The easiest and best way to eat some fresh seafood in Zhuhai is to go the seafood street. You can select your own live seafood and just bring it to one of the restaurants on the other side of the street.

InternChina – Seafood Street

At Wanzai Seafood Street, at the Xianggang District in Zhuhai you’ll find all different kinds of crabs, oysters, prawns and fishes that you can imagine.

Just go to there, choose everything you want to have, pay a little money, walk around on that unbelievable long road full of fish with some plastic bags with live seafood in it and then choose one of the restaurants on the other side of the street and they will be prepared for your dining pleasure.

InternChina – Dinner

If you also want to join seafood in Zhuhai please apply now or send us an e-mail to!

Things To Do in Zhuhai

Zhuhai Fishing Boat Trip

On Saturday InternChina organized a Fishing Boat trip to Guishan Island: Enjoying the sun on deck and breathing in the wonderful air at the sea one whole day.

InternChina – On the Boat

The staff pulled out the fishing nets and we could take a look how they caught our lunch directly from the sea. A few hours later the boat arrived at Guishan Island, were the staff cooked an incredible meal for us with all the fresh seafood they caught.

InternChina – Lunch

After having the best and the freshest lunch ever, everybody of us left the boat to go on the Island to visit one of the beautiful beaches there.

InternChina – On the Island

Thank you everybody for being there. That was a wonderful day!

Zhuhai InternChina Events

Come together Charity in Zhuhai

Giving 60 children the opportunity to go to school- that was the headline of the day in Zhuhai. On September 1st InternChina helped organise a Charity-Event ‘Come together’ in the Beishan theatre to help raise money to buy children equipment to go to school.

InternChina – Charity

The collected money from the Charity Event ‘Come together’ was given to the children today at their new school. The head-organizers of ‘Come together’ gave the envelopes to the children and got compensated with an affecting speech of one of the kids.

InternChina – Donation

InternChina and a lot of InternChina interns helped to collect money for the school education of 50 children. Several live bands and DJs, a BBQ, a donation and a raffle helped to collect enough money to buy 60 children their whole school equipment.

InternChina – School

After the event was such a big success and after everyone saw the smiling children practicing their English, everybody was sure, that there will be a ‘Come together’ next year.

InternChina – Happy Children

Thanks again everybody for helping and for making all of this happen.