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What to show your friends during their visit in Qingdao – Part Two

With May Fourth Square, Marina City, Qingdao’s Old Town, Ba Da Guan district and the shopping streets Part one of places to show your friends during their visit in Qingdao was all about Qingdao’s Culture and nice places where you can spend all your money on beautiful things. But Qingdao has a lot more to offer.  With its location surrounded by the sea and mountains you and your friends should definitely escape the city for some days to discover the nice area around Qingdao.

fushan mountain
fushan mountain

Qingdao is located right on the base of Fushan. A mountain range with an area of 7.5 square kilometres. The main and highest peak is in Qingdao with a height of 384 meters. There are no roads but instead natural trails, meadows and pine trees that guarantee a nice hiking tour to the top. Once you made your way up you will be rewarded with a great view over the city of Qingdao, the sea and the beautiful costal area. Best time to go is definitely in the evening to watch the sunset on top of the city. There is even a little shack shop run by a friendly elderly couple selling snickers and beer… amazing.


laoshan mountain
laoshan mountain

Bigger, further away and with lots of culture to offer, you should take a whole day to experience Laoshan. It is the highest costal mountain in China with the peak reaching 1132 meters. But Laoshan has more to offer than just a long hiking tour with a marvellous natural scenery of seas and waterfalls. It is said to be one of the birth places of Taoism and thus a mountain of high significance for the Chinese culture. With lots of Taoist temples and nunneries Mount Laoshan offers more cultural experiences than one could possibly place on one day.

Qingdao’s beaches

qingdao beach sunset
qingdao beach sunset

After hiking up two mountains it might be nice to grant your visitors a little rest. Best way to relax in Qingdao is definitely a day at the beach. Since Qingdao has 6 bathing beaches the decision which one to show is not that easy. One of my favourite beaches is Shilaoren beach. It is the biggest beach and outside of the city center.  The second one that should not be missed is bathing beach number 2 next to the Ba Da Guan District.

Best way to discover both, spend the day at Shi Lao Ren beach and watch the sunset near bathing beach No 1.

Coffee Street

qingdao coffee street
qingdao coffee street

In case that is a little too much nature for your friends, take them out for a drink to Minjiang Er Lu – Coffee Street.

With comfy kitsch coffee places next to Italian restaurants and wine bars the coffee street will be the perfect place for your friends to relax after hiking up two hills and discovering Qingdao’s seaside.

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Things To Do in Qingdao

Expedition in Coffee Street

Last week Lisa and I went through the Coffee Street of Qingdao, our aim was to discover most Cafés as possible.
So we left the office in the early afternoon and took the bus to go to Mingjiang 2 Lu or better known as the Coffee Street of Qingdao.

As we arrived there we decided to share the street, Lisa went to all the coffees on the right side of the road and I went to the left side. We wanted to find out which ones are the best, in order to better advise interns who are coming to Qingdao where they can drink a good Coffee.

This plan seems to be easy but we soon faced a unexpected difficulty : the language barrier, most of the Coffee we visited couldn’t understand English, and we cannot speak Chinese so we tried to introduce us the best we could. We finally managed to establish contact with eleven of them.

Lisa did a great job, she got a free tea from the owner of one Coffee! And collected more visit card than I did.

I really enjoyed this afternoon, visiting Cafés and meet people. In fact I’m addicted to Coffee and I like the contact so that was kind of funny. I also discovered very nice places where, so if you wants to find lots of cool places and not pay a lot for a good Coffee, just go there 😉

This experience was really interesting to do, but it showed us that knowing some chinese can be very helpful in your everyday life in China. And even more if you want to live and work in China!

Do you want to enjoy a delicious coffee here in Qingdao and meet lots of cool people ? Send us your application at or directly apply on our website 🙂